Arktikcraft server

01. 11. 2023

Arktikcraft server

This is a survival multiplayer server started by some of us, old time Minecrafters, who want to create a nice, pleasant and friendly community to build in. We are looking for all skill levels, all specialized building abilities and all players in general.

We are looking to make the most comfortable and most pleasurable, quality server for all types of players. We do not ask nor care of your background or credentials for the server. The whole idea of the Server is to create a full potential server with as much activeness as possible. We also aim for a fun experience with friends and removing the temptation of griefing and stealing.

We have number of plugins running while still trying to keep the “vanilla” experience. We have no large mods such as iConomy and Factions but more of anti-grief and some shop plugins. We do allow PVP and killing at night so watch your back. We are looking forward to seeing your around.

Plugins: Essentials, Periodic Server Messages, Hawkeye, Precious Stones, World Edit, Worldgaurd, Found Diamonds, Nocheat, World Inventories, Chest Shop, Group Manager, BOSEConomy, Vanishnopacket, Lockette