Parsonage Minecraft

12. 10. 2022

Parsonage Minecraft

Parsonage is a modded minecraft server it runs on Tekkit 2.1.1 with so much more then just your out of the box tekkit server and has plenty of plugins to keep you entertained for hours while at the same time keeping the original feel of minecraft. Parsonage is a pro-griefing pro-mod server while at the same time offering safe areas and balance to the game.

Parsonage main features

Industrialcraft 2
Iron chests
Minefactory Reloaded
Iconomy 5.0
we also have some more addon mods that aren't listed here

I mentiond PRO-grief didnt I well dont be scared there are plugins such as residence to protect you from griefers. we have a town setup that pvp is disabled in and if youve outgrown your land and want to leave to the mainland and venture off on your own you can set up your own residence for a few credits.

Whats that did I say credits, sure did our server has a currency system you can gain credits from monsters, or buy and sell items to other players with shops.