Redstone Rangers

12. 04. 2022

Redstone Rangers

We're now on our own 16Gb, 1Gbps dedicated server! Join a town and be 100% safe from griefers!

Buy a plot of land from a Mayor once you've joined a town! Build something cool and be on the server for a day and you could be promoted to Mayor so you can start your own town and have players queuing up to join!

You can join a nation with your town and fight wars and ally with other nations. When your town's big enough, you'll get promoted to King and can rule your own nation of towns! See our satellite map for town locations and do /town spawn [name] to visit them!

Architect creative rank available for awesome builders (judged by admins), or a custom rank with creative is yours for life with a £15/$25 donation.

See the ranks page for the full list of commands for each rank. If you can't donate, you can also enter our Notch Awards competition every 2 weeks!

We've had Best Treehouse and Best Castle, coming soon is Best Skyscraper. Winners get creative and a special rank.