Tempest’s Survival Multiplayer

11. 24. 2022

Tempest’s Survival Multiplayer

1.) An easy to use public warp system to the various landmarks and functions
2.) An economy where players can buy and sell
3.) Warzones for PVP combat, outside of the residence areas of course.
5.)Constant help from administration
6.)Factions, enough said.
7.) LWC
8.) Creeper Safe
9.)Establishments that benefit all
10.)Survival with a little help from your new found friends.
11.) Economy/Warzones/Factions/Residence/LWC/Safe Creeper/Chestshop

Why should you play?

Well, if you are tired of those pesky crowded servers where people are constantly bothering you/damaging your home/stealing from you, this is the server to go on. We don't allow any of that crap here, the plugins we have will protect your works from any sort of harassment that may occur on other public servers.

We also have plenty of space, so you can choose from almost the 97% of the free space the server has to offer. We have an excellent community, we never have more than 12-13 people online so it doesn't get too packed. Warzones are also available for those who enjoy the PVP, and the occasional survival.

Tempest, I'm not gonna read.

This server has the best aspects of Survival and some aspects of PVP. Plenty of room, plugins and cool people. You're handsome.